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The Meaning of Luxury

People looking for luxury condos are looking for two things. Luxury of living in a beautiful and well managed property and the convenience of a modern lifestyle. Living in a condominium can be a drastic change if you're used to living in a house. People commonly point out lack of room or privacy issues when debating condos over houses. People say that you do not get your own back yard and will be stuck with neighbors side by side. But such stereotypes of condos do not really apply to high-end luxury condos.

Reality of Houses

Let's say you have a house and have a back yard. Who will maintain this back yard? The same goes to your front yard as well. While the space may be nice, the maintenance required will easily occupy a lot of your valuable time. Rather than being able to enjoy your space, you end up having to work from home just to maintain your house at a reasonable level. Now, consider Palace Pier for a moment. Palace Pier has over 9 acres of landscaped park space for you to enjoy anytime you wish. The park includes additional options such as tennis courts, BBQ & picnic area and even a bike path. And since Palace Pier is located right along Lakeshore in the Kingsway area, you can easily ride your bike along the lake or stroll over to High Park.

All the Space and Privacy You Need

Palace Pier was also designed with personal space in mind. Most of their units are designed with ample space and will never feel cramped. There are staff on premise 24/7 to smooth out any potential problems which may occur. If you get into an argument with your neighbor when living in a house, you do not really have a proper recourse you can take. Since Palace Pier is a community, you will have mediators, such as the security guards who are always on standby, that can provide quick resolution should any problems arise.

Getting the Apartment You Want

Due to such advantages, there is basically nothing you lose by making Palace Pier your home. When you choose the right condo, your benefits will be bountiful and you'll never have to worry about negative stereotypes regarding condominiums. But trying to get a unit within such luxurious community may prove to be difficult. This is where Regency Park can step in to help. Regency Park offers a level of service which cannot be equaled by other realtors.

Exclusive, Private Access

Irene Goodman, who exclusively deals with properties within Palace Pier, is the face of Regency Park. To make purchase decisions easier for her clients, she operates a home office right from Palace Pier. This allows her to freely showcase the entire community at your own convenience. From amenities to bedrooms, you'll be able to have exclusive access to Irene Goodman's tour of Palace Pier so that you can experience firsthand how luxurious and convenient life at Palace Pier can be.

Contact Regency Park Today

Please visit or call 416-236-1005 to get in touch with Irene Goodman today. Since properties are limited, it will be advantageous for you to talk to her as soon as possible so that you can find the unit of your dreams on the condo of your dreams. Even if no such units are currently available, Irene Goodman will be able to put you ahead of the waiting list, allowing you to be notified as soon as unit becomes available at Palace Pier. By choosing the right realtor, you will be able to find the right home!

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